Services that we offer

Nursing Care At Home

IndiMac Healthcare has well qualified and highly trained nursing resources to provide hospital like nursing care at home. Our ANM/GNM//Bsc nursing staff has expertise and competent  and empowered  to provide nursing care to the patient and they works in coordination with doctors. They can perform assessment of the patient, monitoring the patient condition provide the care and also monitor the regular progress. 

Why IndiMac Home Care Nursing?

  • Shortens unnecessary hospital stay in acute or chronic health conditions
  • Our highly experienced and certified nursing staff regularly co-ordinates with the treating doctor to provide best medical care to the patient
  • Patient will feel better and recover faster due to comfortable and familiar environment of home along with one on one attention by our nursing staff
  • Home nursing services is always 30-40% cheaper compared to hospitalization
  • Availability of Part time, 12 hours or 24 hours services

Vital Signs & Assessment

BP, Temperature & other vitals monitoring

Pain assessment

Medication Administration

IM medication

SC Medication

IV infusions

Indwelling Devices Insertion & Care

Urinary catheter insertion

Urinary Catheter care

Ryle’s tube insertion

R T feeding

Other Nursing Procedures

Bed sore Assessment & Care

Wound dressing & care – Major & Minor

Suctioning & Tracheostomy care



ECG recording

Vaccination at Home

Healthcare Assistant at Home

Our trained attendants provide care to the patient’s need, in the comfort of their homes. They can help with personal grooming, feeding, mobility, oral medication and support in daily routine activities. As per your requirement, you can hire the services of a trained attendant for 12 hours or 24 hours.

What are healthcare assistant services at home?

Healthcare Assistant service provides holistic support at home to the patient. Trained attendants, also known as caregivers, take care of the daily activities of a person in need. They help with personal grooming, movement, feeding, light housekeeping, monitor the general health by taking temperature and heart rate.

Why to select only IndiMac healthcare trained attendant’s service?

  • You wil get very dedicated and specific care from us.
  • You receive compassionate care at home
  • Our attendants are supervised by senior nurses and doctors
  • Our attendants are well trained and their backgrounds are checked
  • We assign you an attendant in such a way that he or she speaks a language you are comfortable with
  • We’re the recommended homecare partner from well-known hospitals and Doctors on town
  • We’re affordable, accountable and accessible

Elder Care

If you have an elderly loved one who needs support and assistance with daily activities, we give them the care and compassion they deserve. Get our 12 / 24-hr trained attendant service at home.

Mother and Baby Care

Both mother and newborn need constant attention while feeding, bathing, housekeeping, and more. The support of a well-trained attendant at home will do them wonders.

Health and Lifestyle Management

If a loved one needs help moving around or to be monitored regularly, a trained attendant is exactly who you need at home

Post-Operative Support

Looking after someone who has just undergone surgery can be stressful for the family. However, a trained home care attendant can make things easier and support in their routine life to fasten recovery.

Rehabilitative Service (Physiotherapy)

Rehabilitation or Physiotherapy is a health profession that helps patients to get recovered from a lot of neurological, musculo-skeletal and cardio-pulmonary disorders with the help of exercise therapy or kinesiology, manual therapy and electrotherapy and other advanced treatment modalities. Rehabilitation or Physiotherapy is essential for recovery of patients after acute or chronic disorders and enabling their return to normalcy. We at Indimac helps that short of patient to get recovered , in your comfortable surroundings, at your home.our rehabilitation team are qualified and competent to help you.

Why physiotherapy at home?

Physiotherapy has over the years proved its effectiveness in helping patients in restoring their health and enhancing their physical strength, function and mobility. To further enhance your experience with physiotherapy, our Physiotherapists personally visit you and perform physiotherapy at home. Some of the benefits of getting physiotherapy at home include

  • Enables convenience
  • Provides personalized care
  • Brings about a faster healing process
  • No mobility issues
  • Better time management
  • Cost effective
  • Family support and supervision

With our affordable and accountable home services, say good bye to all your worries and hassles of physiotherapy treatment.

When do you need a physiotherapist from us?

Call it the bane of modern lifestyle but knee pain, back pain, neck strain have become a part and parcel of life. When a certain type of pain does not subdue over a period of time and you experience it after doing a particular movement, then it is better advised to see a physiotherapist. You can also take benefit of our home physiotherapy service for a convenient treatment.

Physiotherapy has a wide range of specialties and people can take physiotherapy for any of the following medical issues: Neurological issues, Neuromusculoskeletal, Cardiovascular and Respiratory.

Neuromusculoskeletal Issues

This includes all sorts of pain including back pain. Knees pain, arthritis, sports injuries and whiplash associated disorder.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Physiotherapy works as part of multi disciplinary rehabilitation program and has been seen to be an effective intervention for patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease


Did you know that with regular physiotherapy treatment, muscle tone can be improved making the patient as mobile as possible in paralysis.

Pediatric Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy plays a key role in helping a child with impairment reach their potential. It seeks to promote and maintain the child’s physical, psychological and social well being.

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinsonism is a movement disorder. Physiotherapy treatment can help the patient in gaining more mobility and independence.


Physiotherapy helps respiratory muscle training, which reduces the onset of asthma attacks and improves a person’s breathing and physical abilities.

Post Heart Attack

Physiotherapy post heart attack helps in decreasing the heart rate and blood pressure at rest and during exercise.


Another major field where th benefits of physiotherapy are used is in respiratory problems like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cystic fibrosis.

Back Pain

A sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, and daily travel can cause persistent back pain. You no longer need to live with that pain and lead a restrictive life. Just get in touch with us and allow us to relieve you of your pain with the help of qualified and well trained physiotherapist, at the comfort of your home.

Post Surgical Rehab

If you have just undergone surgery, physiotherapy at home can help you get back to normal faster. Regain your mobility with our expert in-home physiotherapy treatment.

Doctors Consultation at Home

Our team of doctors will assist you to get the referral treatment at healthcare facility when required.

Provide Doctors Visit At Home

Doctors at home or Consult your doctors at home is the service which is to get the basic routine patient assessment & examination at your comfort in your home.

We IndiMac Healthcare make and arrangement of doctors for you at your home to get assessed diagnosed and provides basic treatment at your home by our well qualified doctors.

Blood Collection

We IndiMac Provides you to collect your blood sample and get your investigation done with good reputed laboratory.


We IndiMac provide you Medicine at your door step if you have valid prescriptions.

Medical Equipment rental & sale

We IndiMac provide you all medical equipment on rental & sale.

Prevention - Healthcare & Wellness

Health check up

Lifestyle and diet counseling

Yoga/ Exercise trainer

Healthy Life Counseling

Weight Management Program


House Keeping for scientific cleaning

We IndiMac Healthcare Solutions will provide any hospital and organization trained and skilled housekeeping staff on contractual basis. We are following minimum wages as per labour acts. .

Technical /Utility Services

We IndiMac Healthcare Solutions will provide any hospital and organization trained and skilled technical & utility   staff on contractual basis. We are following minimum wages as per labour acts.

Nursing Attendant

We IndiMac Healthcare Solutions will provide any hospital and organization trained and skilled nursing attendant staff on contractual basis. We are following minimum wages as per labour acts.

Facility Services

We IndiMac Healthcare Solutions will provide any hospital and organization trained security   staff on contractual basis. We are following minimum wages as per labour acts.

Easy Booking

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Qualified Team

25+ years of experience

Flexible Schedule

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Best Price Guarantee

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How Can We Help ?

Our trained & Qualified healthcare professionals will provide you world class Quality health services at your home.
You just need to contact us & tell your need, our expert staff will assess & recommend you the best and suitable services which is required.

Once you book the services you or your loved one will get very specific care with lot of devotion and compassion by our staff in your homely comfortable environment.

Why To Select Services From IndiMac Healthcare Only?

  • You will receive specific & dedicated care from us.
  • We are working 24/7
  • we are easily accessible via mobile or email
  • our staff are well trained, qualified and always be under supervision of seniors
  • our staff are trained in language that our patients understand
  • our all the staff are verified and thier background bis checked
  • we are quick, affordable and accountable
  • we are recommended by well know hospital and doctors of town


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